Easy to Operate, Low Startup Cost, Highly Profitable Franchise

Easy to Operate

Low Startup Cost

Highly Profitable Franchise



Full Field Training
Complete Support

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Start earning immediately – Earn $150k your first year – Full financing available

Start earning immediately

Earn $150k your first year

Full financing available

Why choose DryerVentz™ DuctVentz™ over Dryer Vent Squad and Dryer Vent Wizard?

  • Lower Initial Investment
  • Lower Monthly Fees and Royalty Payments
  • Larger Protected Territories

    Why choose DryerVentz™ DuctVentz™ over other Home Services Franchises?

    • No certifications or licensing Required
    • No Special Skills Required
    • Highest Profits Per Job In Home Services Franchise Category

    Lowest Initial Fees

    Lowest Royalty Rates in Home Services Industry

    To learn more and to discuss your territory options:





    • Super Low Startup Cost (Full Financing Available)
    • No Franchise Experience or Industry Knowledge Needed
    • Unlimited FIeld Training & Support
    • Home Based Business (No Office Needed)
    • Repeat business with substantial recurring income!
    • All Digital Marketing Services Provided
      (Websites, SEO, PPC Campaigns)
    • Fast Track to Big Income with Large Profit Margins
    • Financing Available
    • Profit as Individual Owner/Operator or Scale to Multi-Technician Business

    Recession Proof

    Uncapped Income Potential

    Large Customer Base

    Large Protected Territories

    Dryer Vent Cleaning Franchise Denver County, CO

    Now is the time to open a Dryer Vent Cleaning Franchise in Denver County, CO. The DryerVentz™ franchise model is designed to work in Denver County, CO. From day one, an owner/operator can take advantage of successful operational expertise experience as well as the proprietary tools, systems and formulas that will allow you to hit the ground running your own turnkey business, in a protected territory.

    Who We Are

    The founders of DryerVentz™, Greg Regan and Mike Ayer, have more than 50 years of business development and management experience. Whether working with Fortune 500 companies and launching products nationally, or founding small start-ups, Greg and Mike have done it all.

    Greg Regan

    Greg spent many years developing, owning, operating and managing home services businesses in the NYC Metro area, including tree spraying, landscaping, holiday lights, tree trimming, gutter installations, and, of course, dryer vent inspections, cleanings and repairs, Greg has worked with more than 200,000 residential and commercial clients, state owned facilities, NY State Parks, County Parks, Cemeteries, etc., dispatched and managed more than 5,000 vehicles, worked extensively with most every regulatory agency from NY State DEC, to private Incorporated Villages to Gated Communities and knows all the ins and outs of how to operate and grow a home services business. Greg is also a boat and real estate broker and has worked extensively with Mike in the past on a number of national projects. Greg has a degree in Aeronautical Technology is a commercial pilot, and spent four years as a multi-engine and instrument flight instructor at Islip MacArthur Airport. Greg also is a real estate broker, and boat broker.

    Mike Ayer

    Michael is a proven sales, marketing and business development executive. Whether managing large teams, or small strike-force teams, a division or working in a player/coach role, Michael's global business and leadership skills are invaluable. Michael has experience working with the largest companies and agencies in the world, as well as start-ups, individuals, and organizations. Michael has consulted, partnered and managed several ventures, including the launch of consumer products, media properties, digital, search, eComm, franchises, patented products, books, social networking, mobile tech, etc. Michael studied marketing, business administration and law at Widener University and Delaware Law School.


    Mike and Greg have just finished a year-long partnership with Loyalty Brands, one of the most experienced franchise sales and management companies in the world.  As DryerVentz™  grows it will continue to utilize all the skills and insight gained during this past year to better serve future DryerVentz™ franchisees.  Although Loyalty Brands’ focus is acquiring emerging franchise brands, DryerVentz™ and Loyalty Brands will continue working together through a joint franchisee partnership agreement.

    DryerVentz™ Cleaning Franchising

    When developing our initial dryer vent business model we implemented our 25 years of home services experience, our proprietary digital marketing and territory management systems, and built a turnkey success model that earned 3x our expectations and is now ready for nationwide expansion.

    DryerVentz™ Franchise Services

    DryerVentz™ owner/operators perform simple, non-technical in-home services

    Inspect the Dryer Vent

    Clean or Repair


    Schedule Next Cleaning

    Why a DryerVentz™ DuctVentz™ Will Work Anywhere

    From day one, a DryerVentz™ DuctVentz™ Cleaning Service owner/operator can take advantage of 25 years of successful operational expertise experience as well as the proprietary tools, systems and formulas that will allow you to hit the ground running your own turnkey business, in a protected territory.

    • All households have dryers and/or vents that need inspecting and cleaning
    • People everywhere are concerned with health and safety
    • There is very little competition, and our territories are huge
    • Our proprietary marketing system generates appointments
    • We provide our owner/operators with complete support 24/7
    • This is a B2C business, and a B2B business each with annual contracts and renewals.
      • B2C business: homes, condos, apartments, gated communities, retirement homes etc.
      • B2B business: Pet Groomers, Hair Salons, Hotel/Motels, Day Care Centers, Colleges, Landromats, Nail Salons, etc.

    A single territory (one man and a van,) can provide up to +/- $150,000* in profit and our jumbo sized territories provide the option to add one or two more vans as you grow.

    *Based on current profit margins and revenue as outlined in our current Unit Economics model. 

    What You Can Expect

    DryerVentz™ offers individuals or existing business owners the ability to purchase and operate a simple and very profitable home service business from your home or office. Your franchise provides annual re-cleans which is guaranteed repeat business that grows year over year.

    The DryerVentz™ business model is a proven and profitable home service business that is turnkey, does not require special skills, licenses, certifications, or elaborate tools and/or equipment. You can be in business within two weeks of approval and securing your territory.

    DryerVentz™ will support your ramp-up period (up to 90 days) with our enhanced start up package including local marketing, intros, etc. We want you to start earning income your first month.

    There are 150 million homes, housing complexes, apartment buildings, condominiums, hair salons, and pet groomers in the USA, they all have clothes dryers that need either cleaning, repairing, or maintenance.
    How many are in your territory?

    DryerVentz™ is Turnkey and Provides:

    • Exclusive Territories
      With Expandable Territory Option
    • Localized Marketing with LocaLOGICS* 
      DryerVentz™ uses the powerful new LocaLOGICS TM
      proprietary marketing and management system.
    • Turnkey Centralized Website Management
      Includes Localized Territory Website
    • Territory Management
      Including Mapping and Routing System
    • Training
      We fully train you during a week of classroom, online and in field training. We also offer ongoing training and a digitial operations manual that provides clickable video links to all aspects of in field procedures.
    • Scheduling and Customer Managment
      Appointment Setting, Call Center, & FAQs

    *LocaLOGICS TM proprietary marketing and management system includes the following:

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) • SEM (Search Engine Marketing) • CRM (Customer Relationship Mgmt.)
    Digital Scheduling • Digital Invoicing • Digital Routing • Email Campaigns • Text Campaigns
    ANGI (formally Angies List) • Thumbtack • Homeadvisor
    GoogleMaps / Map Pack • Local Website • Local Indexed Phone Numbers
    Google Ad Words Management • National Call Center
    Facebook • Instagram • Snapchat • Tik Tok

    Initial Franchise Costs

    The DryerVentz™ Cleaning Service franchise was specifically designed to be simple, turnkey and as affordable as possible for our franchisees. We designed our franchise opportunity with our franchisees in mind, our lean and mean proven business model puts our franchisees in business with as little upfront investment, ramp up time and oversight as possible. We are not like the countless other overpriced franchisors, we do not believe in hidden fees, double digit royalty payments, mandated advertising policies, or other inflated charges, and, under no circumstances do we pay unnecessary fees to brokers, attorneys or franchise management companies.

    • Franchise Fee: $24,000.00
    • Monthly Fee: $800.00
    • Monthly Royalty Rate: 8%
    • Territory Size: up to 800,000 Population
    • Tools: $2,000.00
    • Vehicle Wrap: $1,500.00
    • Vehicle Cost Range: $350 – $550 per month (depends on pre-owned or new)
    • Monthly Marketing & Operational Cost Range:
      $1,500 – $5,000
    • Local Website (+20 City/Town pages) $1,500.00

    Total Investment To Start Your Franchise – $30,000

    Full Financing Available

    Total Investment To Start Your Franchise $30,000

    Full Financing Available

    Now Available Nationwide
    Contact Us to Check for Available Territories

    There are three types of Franchisee Business Models:

    1. Own, Operate and Manage:
    A franchisee who wants to perform the in-field inspect, clean and repair duties as well as managing his or her territory.

    2. Own, Hire and Manage:
    A franchisee who wants to hire someone for the in-field duties and focus on managing his or her territory.

    3. Area Rep Model:
    An Area Rep Model is where an individual or entity purchases multiple territories (Areas) and oversees the sales and marketing to individual franchisees within their Areas.